(COPY) GSWDI-4 Week 1 Course Welcome and Logistics

Welcome to Introduction to Decision Intelligence. This course is about you and your success, and we’ve designed it carefully to drive maximum value. Here’s how it works:

  1. The course is organized into a series of eight weekly Lessons
    • Your first lesson is available now, and this is the first Topic within Lesson 1
    • You will see new Lessons appear on the course main page every week
  2. Each weekly Lesson consists of the following materials:
    • A series of Lesson Topics, each of which has a video, slides for the video, and a Quiz. The quizzes help you test your understanding as you watch the videos before the live Zoom classes. Note: the videos you watch are from the first time we offered the class, which we sometimes call “gswdi-1”.
    • A live Zoom session with Dr. Lorien Pratt. Normally this session will be primarily for discussion with your colleagues in the class, general feedback on your homework, and answering your questions. Because you will not be able to view the videos before your first class, in your first live session, Dr. Pratt will present the Week 1 material to you live. In week 1, you will go through these materials after class (optional). In all other weeks, you’ll go through these materials before class. Each week, the following week’s materials will be available by Thursday noon MT; we’ll announce it in Slack.
    • A homework assignment that will help you understand the material in depth. In week 1, the homework is very simple – you’ll hear about it in class.

Course Syllabus

Part A: Motivation and Orientation
Lesson 1:  Quick DI introduction. Course overview, components, and goals.
Part B: Hands-on decision mapping and modeling: best practices, classic mistakes
Lesson 2: Outcomes
Lesson 3: Actions (including levers and choices)
Lesson 4: Intermediates & Dependencies
Lesson 5: Augmentation and Externals (Part 1)
Lesson 6: Augmentation and Externals (Part 2)
Part C: What’s next
Lesson 7: The Business Case for Decision Intelligence
Lesson 8:  DI in your organization: what problems does it solve, how can you introduce DI effectively, and how do you know if a problem is a good fit for DI? How can you overcome organizational barriers

Course progress, quizzes, and grading

  • For each weekly Lesson, you’ll find a number of videos and quizzes, and a homework assignment. You need to watch each video before you complete the corresponding quiz.
  • You need to achieve at least an 20% score on each quiz to move forward.
  • You can retake any quiz at any time.
  • You will receive written feedback on your homework as well as a score. Both consistent class attendance and satisfactory completion of homework will be required to earn a certificate of completion.
  • Please drop us a line if you are interested in becoming a certified DI practitioner (cDIp). This course is part of the training program to help you to pass the certification test.


I truly hope you enjoy these materials; DI is such an important and powerful discipline with the potential to change the world for generations to come.

-Dr. Lorien Pratt and the Quantellia DI team