GSWDI-4 Week 3

Welcome to Week 3! You should watch the videos shown here and do the quizzes before our Week 3 class.

Why: because during that class we’ll have discussion and hands-on exercises that assume you know this material.

But if you can’t get to it, you should still attend. You’ll still get a lot of value from the discussion.

This page contains links to a number of resources.  You'll need the Essential ones to do your homeworks.  Additional materials are for those who want to go beyond what's strictly required to complete the homework.


Additional materials

  • If you like, you can use these PowerPoint CDD templates and samples for your homework submission.
  • The decision mapping process. This is a more in-depth version of the decision mapping process than the Simple introduction to CDDs: above, appropriate for high-risk or high-benefit decisions.  This document is an optional read - it includes a case study, glossary, process diagram, and more to deepen your knowledge of decision mapping.
  • Decision Intelligence Resources List: A collection of videos, podcasts, articles, and more that we've created about DI.
  • The Decision Intelligence News: News that's not just all about us at Quantellia :-)
  • Answers to your questions: In the Week 2 live session of gswdi-1, there were questions about the relationship between the SMART framework and DI, and also about the relationship between Cognitive Task Analysis and DI.  In general, since DI is a "glue" / integration discipline, it complements, not substitutes for, these pre-existing methodologies.  See the handouts below for how these two disciplines map to DI: