Getting Started with Decision Intelligence Week 1: Course Introduction. You and DI: Why. (C22102)

Assignment for Week 1: Due 9am MT Monday March 7 (8am PT/10amCT/11amET/4pmGMT/5am NZDT)

  1. (optional) Watch the week 1 lecture video, below.  You’ve seen a lot of this already, but there’s some new content here (we re-recorded it after this week’s session).
  2. Join the course discord server.  See your email for detailed instructions.  Write to if you have any problems.
  3. Introduce yourself on the discord introduction channel. 
  4. Identify an action-to-outcome decision that matters to you (past, present, or future), and tell us about it in the Week 1 homework channel.
  5. Keep your eyes open for the Week 1 student survey and fill it out when it arrives.
  6. (optional) join us for the Meet and Greet on zoom.  See your email and the Discord announcements channel for your invitation.

When you’ve finished these steps, hit the “Mark Complete” button on the top or bottom of this page.

(no additional materials at this time)