How to Get Started with a new Analytics/BI/ML Project to Ensure it Doesn’t Fail: Four Steps to get Started with Decision Intelligence

What you’ll learn

  • Avoid the four big mistakes that, when you fix them, get you the “last mile” to analytics, Business Intelligence, and/or Machine Learning to maximize Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Learn a systematic discipline for communicating with your customers to ensure that your projects are maximizing business value.
  • Learn the important new discipline of Decision Intelligence – a Gartner Top 10 Technology for 2022
  • If you’re a knowledge management (KM) person, learn how human knowledge interacts with the rest of the tech to drive value, and how we can capture analytics knowledge in a structured way to retain the most important asset in our organizations: our decisions.
  • Why the Gartner Group calls Decision Intelligence a “top 10 technology” for 2022, and says that a third of all organizations will use DI by 2023.