Decision Intelligence Resources

This resource list is focused on assets that we have created at Quantellia; non-Quantellia DI resources can be found in the DI News, as below.

Other DI resource pages

Live Decision Models

  1. A simple covid decision simulator: warning this requires a fast computer
  2. Quantellia’s live model gallery
  3. A carbon tax model: Press “H” for controls

Dr. Pratt’s presentations on DI 

  • Learn about what’s wrong about AI today and how DI addresses the gap as well as Dr. Pratt on running female majority female technical organization. 
  • Enjoy this wide ranging conversation about AI, DI, and more. Note that Erik Korem’s organization is actively implementing AI and DI with Quantellia’s help. 
  • In this C-SPAN interview, Dr. Pratt connects DI to important social trends including an interactive climate agency model and explains the relationship of DI to non-rational reasoning. 
  • Dr. Pratt presents a view of the future of AI. As AI matures, DI is part of the story; Ai needs DI as a requirements methodology
  • Dr. Pratt comments on what’s real and what’s not in the latest developments in natural language processing

Additional resources

  • A comprehensive overview of the field of DI.
  • DI co-inventor Mark Zargari explains how DI extends BI to help with more complex decisions 
  • Dr. Pratt’s blog regarding DI

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